Best-in-class hosted telephony systems, and all of your business lines and calls managed by our expert teams
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  • DATA

    Internet access, private networks and converged voice/data connectivity built on our own voice-centric, business-only ISP network
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    Custom-built mobile solutions using a mix of the major UK networks with innovative software and services
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SIP Trunks

  • A robust, business-grade telephony service that customers can rely on to keep their business running whatever the circumstances
  • A more flexible and lower cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound voice calls
  • Resilient designs are engineered to cope with any situation and maintain telephony uptime
  • 3 standard resilience build types available which cater for the majority of customer deployments

Active Standby

  • Only become active in a DR situation
  • Cost effective resilient design


  • Allows multiple SIP endpoints to evenly share traffic
  • In the event that a site or link becomes unavailable, the remaining site(s) will continue to receive the entire DDI range


  • Allows dual SIP endpoints to offer standby resilience to the other
  • Both sites are active and provide a failover for the other
  • All numbers still accessible in the event of a link/site becoming unavailable