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    Internet access, private networks and converged voice/data connectivity built on our own voice-centric, business-only ISP network
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    Custom-built mobile solutions using a mix of the major UK networks with innovative software and services
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EFTC uses FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) technology to provide high speed data connectivity and is set to replace ADSL as the connection of choice for small/medium businesses. Guaranteed symmetric bandwidth is available at nearly all locations which are FTTC enabled. Achievable speed depends on line length from the cabinet and line quality, up to a theoretical maximum of 20Mbps in both directions would be guaranteed with the capability of bursting up to 80Mb downstream.

Example – Customer orders EFTC, and when installed they can achieve a stable 17Mb upstream speed. This means they will get a guaranteed 17Mb uncontended symmetrical connection, and in normal operation will have a significantly faster downstream speed available.

  • Business-grade SLA
  • Uncontended bandwidth with guaranteed speeds
  • Unlimited usage
  • ADSL backup can be provided
  • EFTC Lite available (Capped at 3Mb and ideal for IP voice connections)
  • Quickest lead time for any Ethernet circuit, and lower cost than EFM or fibre
  • Static IP addressing
  • Managed router available