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    Internet access, private networks and converged voice/data connectivity built on our own voice-centric, business-only ISP network
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    Custom-built mobile solutions using a mix of the major UK networks with innovative software and services
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Ethernet in the First Mile

EFM offers high speed data connectivity for businesses that need reliable and fast connectivity with Service Level Guarantees, but cannot quite justify the cost of fibre Ethernet, or have no EFTC available. It uses either 2 or 4 copper lines to deliver high speed Ethernet connectivity. With speeds up to 20Mb, EFM behaves just like a leased line but at a significantly lower cost.

  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Resilient - if one line should fail, the other(s) will still deliver albeit at a lower speed
  • Business-grade Service Level Agreement
  • Uncontended connection (not shared with anyone else)
  • ADSL backup can be provided
  • Unlimited usage
  • EFM Lite available (Capped at 3Mb, ideal for dedicated IP voice connections)
  • Static IP addressing
  • Managed router available