JBT Distribution

The HighNet Channel Partner

Based in Edinburgh, IP Complete specialise in providing businesses with Enterprise class communications technology allowing them to become more efficient and competitive in the marketplace. It provides the latest in VoIP telephony services and offer a full end to end service. As a Cisco Partner with accreditations from  Microsoft, TalkTalk Business and BT, IP Complete have the expertise and passion to deliver solutions tailored to any businesses requirements.

Product: A mixture of traditional bundled mobile, All You Can Eat unlimited and £2 per month Pay As You Use

The Challenge

As a Channel Partner of HighNet, IP Complete are continually looking to help their business clients implement the most efficient and cost effective solutions. During a Partner meeting with Tony Miller, Account Development Manager at HighNet, it was raised that Tony perhaps use his knowledge of HighNet Mobile services to assist IP Complete deliver an effective solution to their client JBT Distribution.

Tony was invited to meet with Ian at JBT Distribution and investigate the current mobile services in use throughout the company. Despite being satisfied with their current services levels, Tony was concerned about Ian’s current costs. It was also noted that a significant number of calls from company mobiles were inter-company calls. Tony was certain that he would be able to save JBT Distribution a considerable amount of money so suggested that they work together to deliver HighNet Mobile.

The Proposal

Tony explains why he was sure that the Unbundled PAYU Tariff was right for JBT Distribution:

“JBT were on a traditional Vodafone Business Sharer price plan. The major networks don’t offer flexibility on these plans. To receive free group calls you need to pay from £12 - £15 per month to be part of the group. As JBT have a large number of drivers who do not make high volumes of calls we simply put them on our £2 per month Pay As You Use product which still provides free calls to everyone in the group. We took the heavy users and gave them our unlimited product and we then created a group for the rest. As the heavy users are not part of that we provided a smaller but adequate shared bundle of minutes to cover calls to other mobiles outside the group.”

The Outcomes

With the PAYU Tariff now in place, JBT Distribution are making savings in excess of £2000 per month!

IP Complete are due to install a Cisco phone system which will allow JBT Distribution to benefit from completely free inter-company calls which will reduce costs further. This is just one of the extra features offered by HighNet Mobile. Users can also access the HighNet Mobile Support team directly who offer troubleshooting, advice and support.