Four Housing

The Challenge:

Four Housing, a large housing association covering the North East of England put out to tender their data network, HighNet were invited as one of the finalists to present our offering to Four Housing.

Four Housing‘s existing data network was based around managed routers with VPN’s setup between them. Four Housing wanted to implement a fully meshed MPLS solution meaning they could add/remove sites to their setup with ease. They were also looking to add some resilience to some of their key sites to minimize any possibility of downtime and wanted to improve connectivity to some of the remote sites.


A 13 site MPLS spanning the North East of England, including a mixture of connectivity options from Ethernet fibre to ADSL.

The Proposal:

Having thoroughly read through and understood the customers’ requirements from the tender documentation, HighNet in partnership with the customers’ existing IT provider put forward a proposal of a fully managed MPLS network built on the newly installed HighNet network.

At the Head Office we proposed installing a 100Mb Ethernet circuit, this would be split 50/50 with half of the bandwidth being reserved for MPLS traffic and the remainder being used as an Internet breakout. This was managed by the customers IT department who utilized their own firewall meaning they were in control of the companies content filtering and any NAT translations. As this was a key site we also proposed installing an annex-M ADSL circuit as an auto-failover solution.

Across the rest of the customer’s estate we proposed installing EFM circuits at some of the customers other key sites, again implementing annex-M ADSL auto-failovers for resilience. For the remainder of the remote sites we suggested ADSL2+ or fibre to the cabinet circuits depending on availability.

As this was to be a fully managed solution we replaced all of the customers’ existing routers with business grade Cisco routers.

The Outcome:

Having won the tender by offering the customer not only the best solution but also a cost saving, our network team worked very closely with the customers IT department to ensure a seamless transition from their existing data network over to the newly built HighNet MPLS.

The customer now has a one stop shop for their IT and networking needs with a fully managed, fully meshed business grade MPLS network with added resilience across some of their key sites. They are safe in the knowledge that if they need to add any additional sites to their network this will be dealt with by our friendly team of experts. If they have any support queries they know these will be handled most likely by someone who helped with the design of their network so knows it very well.

They also now have access to their own customer portal giving them visibility of their whole MPLS network at any time and also the ability to set up alerts should any of their sites encounter any issues.