The Challenge:

Barchester, one of the biggest independent care providers in the UK and as an existing customer of HighNet were so impressed with the service we had provided in the provisioning and ongoing support of some Ethernet connectivity, they invited us to tender for their whole data estate.

Barchester had an existing MPLS network in place and were unhappy with the service and communication received from their existing supplier. They approached their Account Manager from HighNet, Mike Pollard, about the possibility of migrating their whole data network over to the all-new HighNet network.  Mike discussed with them the benefits this could bring them, both from a service delivery aspect and from a commercial perspective.

Barchester’s data estate also included a number of Cisco routers that they were keen to redeploy in any solution going forward.


A UK wide MPLS network spanning circa 350 sites and including a mixture of data connectivity from ADSL to fibre Ethernet.

The Proposal:

After some top level discussion with directors and technical experts from both Barchester and HighNet it was decided the best way to approach this project was to implement a 3 month pilot involving a handpicked selection of various sites that required different types of connection from different suppliers.  Barchester were keen to see how we managed the relationships with the various different suppliers and how we would manage a project of this scale before rolling out the solution across the whole estate.

Having impressed with the pilot scheme both from a provisioning and an ongoing support perspective and also based on our project management and regular communication with Barchester, it was decided we would now take on the full rollout of circa 350 sites.

The solution we offered was a fibre Ethernet link at the Head Office branch as well as some other key sites with a selection of Fibre to the cabinet and ADSL connections in to all of the branch offices.  This formed the whole MPLS network and meant it was easy for the customer to add and remove sites to their corporate network.

We proposed that with our support team all trained on Cisco devices we could take on the management of the existing Cisco devices and reconfigure for the new MPLS network. As a Cisco partner we would also provide new Cisco routers if required.

Another part of the proposal was to provide the customer with their own dedicated network monitoring portal to give them visibility of their whole MPLS network.  This would also provide performance and usage stats of every connection on their network.

The Outcome

Barchester now have a business grade MPLS network of which they are more than happy with the support provided by the HighNet team.  They know that if they required any additional sites added to their MPLS it would be handled by one of our friendly provisioning team many of whom they will know by name.  Any network problems they have they know are being dealt with by highly trained Cisco qualified support staff most of whom were involved with the design and rollout of their network so know it very well.  The customer also now has complete visibility of their network at any time via their dedicated portal and are set up to receive alerts in the event of any outages.